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CofCC member stands up to SPLC/media hate campaign

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The Nikki Haley re-election campaign sent a mass mailing to TEA Party leaders and activists asking them to sign and return a letter to be part of a grassroots committee. Over 160 people signed the letter including Roan Garcia-Quintana. A SC Democrat leader then got together with the SPLC and launched a purely politically motivated hate campaign against Nikki Haley and Roan Garcia-Quintana. The SPLC wrote an outlandish attack piece, typical of the organization. Their attack piece even included completely fictional claims about the CofCC website. Media outlets then added even more fictional details, such as claiming that Nikki Haley was employing Roan Garcia-Quintana.

From The State…

In an interview with The State on Thursday, Garcia-Quintana denied that he or the Council of Conservative Citizens, which civil-rights groups have labeled a white nationalist group, were racist, saying the council “supports Caucasian heritage.”

Garcia-Quintana said he is on the board of directors of the council.

“Is it racist to be proud of your own heritage?” Garcia-Quintana asked. “Is it racist to want to keep your own heritage pure?”

Talk of Garcia-Quintana’s ties to the Council of Conservative Citizens started circulating at the State House on Tuesday, when Garcia-Quintana, director of the anti-immigration Americans Have Had Enough Coalition, appeared to speak against a federal immigration proposal that would give illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship.

Haley’s campaign initially rebuffed calls to dismiss Garcia-Quintana made by legislative Democrats on Friday, noting his support for Haley, the state’s first Indian-American governor.

On Saturday, presumptive 2014 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Vincent Sheheen, a state senator from Camden, called for Garcia-Quintana to be removed, citing his comments about racial purity.

The Haley camp responded Saturday by saying Sheheen had no right to criticize Haley and accusing him of previously “condoning racial attacks on South Carolina’s first minority governor.”

In announcing Garcia-Quintana’s resignation Sunday, Haley’s campaign said, “Regrettably, Vince Sheheen and the leadership of the South Carolina Democratic Party do not share” Haley’s condemnation of “racially divisive rhetoric,” citing instances where it said Democrats – including state Senate Democratic Caucus political director Phil Bailey, former S.C. Democratic Party chairman Dick Harpootlian and others – had made racially charged statements about Haley.