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Confirmed: Genocidal Cannibal Jihadist funded by Obama & Hillary

More great news! The now infamous cannibal Jihadist in Syria is funded with your taxdollars!

Farouq Brigade. The sides of the shield depict the Free Syrian Army flag. The white banner at the top is the same banner used by the Taliban.

TIME magazine has identified the cannibal Jihadist in Syria as Khalid al-Hamad. He also goes by the pseudo name Abu Sakkar. A translation of the man’s words is “O heroes of Bab Amr, you slaughter the Alawites and take out their hearts to eat them!” The Alawites are a minority Shiite sect that the Jihadists are targeting for indiscriminate killings. Khalid al-Hamad told TIME magazine that he hopes to exterminate the Alawites.

The Syrian government is supported by a coalition of Shiites, Christians, Druze, and moderate Sunni Muslims. The regime is a secular Arab nationalist regime, and not a religious one. The uprising is sponsored by Turkey, the Obama administration, and wealthy Sunni Gulf Arabs. Large numbers of the JIhadists are foreign fighters from places like Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Chechnya, and more.

Khalid al-Hamad is a Brigade Commander in the Free Syrian Army. The Free Syrian Army has bee given over $300 million worth of aid by the Obama administration. Hillary Clinton has also provided diplomatic support for the organization and defended them before the United Nations.

The $300 million is only what is published, and does not count money that came from classified budgets.

Khalid al-Hamad is commander of  The Farouk Brigade, which uses the same white banner used by the Taliban, has a history of genocidal violence against Alawaites and Christians.

Fearful of losing western funding, other leaders of the Free Syrian Army declared today that the Farouk Brigade has gone rouge and is acting independently.