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Man who killed beauty queen in NYC got off scot-free

Photo from New York Post

Photo from New York Post

A dump truck driver who slaughtered a Romanian beauty queen in NYC was never punished.

Harry Robinson was driving a ten wheel dump truck late at night and crushed Roxana Sorina Buta. He then fled the scene and was hunted by police for eight days.

An unnamed DA refused to file serious charges and claimed the victim was on a cell phone. Even though her cell phone records show no call.

The man was not charged with vehicular homicide or fleeing from a fatal accident. He was given two extremely minor charges and then acquitted of both.

From New York Post…

A year after a horrific hit-and-run killed an aspiring actress walking near Union Square, the city employee behind the wheel has gotten off scot-free, The Post has learned.

Harry Robinson, 64, a $105,000-a-year highway repairman for the Department of Transportation, drove the city-owned, 10-wheel Mack dump truck that ran over and crushed Roxana Sorina Buta, 21 — then kept going.

Despite heavy press coverage, Robinson did not turn himself in. Cops tracked him down eight days later after a bank security video captured the truck on tape.

On March 18 — 10 months after her death — police slapped Robinson with two summonses, for “failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk,” and “failure to exercise due care.”

But in court last week, he was found not guilty of both.

The news stunned Buta’s mother, Cristina Oprea.

“They took his word and left me with nothing,” the distraught mom said. “How do they explain that someone can kill a young girl and get away with it?”

Buta, who studied and performed at T. Schreiber acting studio, left her job as a waitress at Bar 6 at 1:26 a.m. on May 24, 2012. It was a rainy Tuesday, and she walked toward the subway.

The light at West 14th and Broadway turned green, and she stepped into the crosswalk. The intersection was dark and had a dip in the asphalt off the curb.

Robinson turned right at an unknown speed, and his truck plowed into Buta.