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Miami braces for another violent black beach week.

“Urban Beach Week” is an event in Miami, Florida that was previously called “Black Beach Week” and “Black Bike Week.” Each year huge numbers of young blacks pour into Miami and their is an explosion of violence.

In 2011, thugs rioted and left a cyclone of trash, vandalism, and violence in their path. After the event many Latino leaders called for black beach week to be banned. This set off competing cries of “racism” between the black and Latino leaders.

Miami police are placing video cameras everywhere and will have a standing army of law enforcement to contain the crowds.

Video clip from CBS Miami. Notice all the euphemisms. The media outlets completely censors the fact that the event is aimed solely at black people.

In 2012, police also planned a massive effort to stop the black violence that occurred in 2011. This news clip is from 2012. Notice Channel 7 Miami completely censors the fact that the event is solely aimed at black people.