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Mother of Muslim gang rapists blames the victims

Muslim gang rape and sex slavery is exploding in England. The Muslim community widely justifies raping infidel women.

In England police are afraid to stop Muslim rapists for fear of being called a “racist” by the media. Police in Oxford said they knew the Muslim gang was preying on underage girls fro FIVE YEARS, before they intervened.

From UK Mail Online…

She described how news reports suggested the girls travelled from Oxford to London on the train and suggested they were therefore ‘old enough’.

She said one of the girls was ‘looking’ for a boy at a London station, adding ‘no one pressurised her’.

She said: ‘Nobody can feel sorry for them unless they’re sorry themselves.’

Some victims relived their ordeals during the four-month trial, describing how they were groomed, beaten, betrayed and sold into prostitution around the country.

One girl told the court how she was told she would be shot if she did not have sex with men when she was 14.

Predators would wait for her near her children’s home and she would be driven to various places where she would be plied with drink and drugs in order to be raped or sold to other men.

She said Akhtar Dogar threatened her when she refused to perform a sex act, telling jurors: ‘He said if I didn’t do what I was told he knew someone who would shoot me.’

The men, five of Pakistani origin and two North African brothers, were convicted of 23 rapes, 15 charges of rape conspiracy and nine of child prostitution, as well as other offences including trafficking the girls for sexual exploitation and having sex with a child.

Five of the six girls were abused while in the care of Oxfordshire County Council’s social services department.

Police and social workers knew in 2005 that the Oxford girls were being preyed on by the gang, but did little to stop the nightmare unfolding before they started to investigate in 2010.

Police and social services have now apologised to the gang’s victims for failing to rescue them.