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Muslim immigrants are plotting attacks against the EDL

From UK Telegraph…

Violent extremists may focus atrocities on anti-Islamic groups to not only cause death and carnage but fuel religious hatred, experts said.

The warning came as six al-Qaeda inspired terrorists admitted plotting to attack an English Defence League rally with homemade bombs, guns and knives.

The outrage was only narrowly averted by sheer luck and the Birmingham gang’s own incompetence, even though one of the men was under watch by MI5 and the police.

The planned attack was also timed last year to wreck the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.

It was the first time Islamic terrorists have targeted a specific group in the UK and experts fear it is the start of a new threat for community cohesion.

The Government is concerned over growing tensions between Muslim and far right extremists while MI5 accept the EDL could become a target for jihadists.

Tommy Robinson, the EDL leader, last night warned should there be another 7/7 outrage “this whole country is going to go up.”
Raffaello Pantucci, a senior research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, said: “It is a real and live concern and one I know the Government has been worrying about, particularly in light of this case.

“You are talking about a spectrum here. At one end you have inflammatory events like we have seen (at protests) and at the other you have groups like this who are actually planning to carry out an atrocity.