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Muslim immigrants riot, set fires in Swedish capitol

Muslim immigrants have set up “exclusionary zones” where they enforce their own sharia law and try drive out Swedish police.

Last night Muslims set 50 cars on fire, smashed the windows of schools and business, and battled with police in Stockholm. The thugs say they were “protesting the police.”

The majority of the rioters were Somalians, which is the most dangerous of all immigrant populations in Sweden.

Sweden has large numbers of Muslim immigrants from Iran, Turkey, Somalia, Bosnia, and Albania. By contrast, Sweden has over 100,000 Middle Eastern Christians. The majority are Assyrians who fled from genocide in Iraq after America removed their protector, Saddam Hussein, from power. Middle Eastern Christians are the most successful non-EU immigrant population in Sweden.

Photo Right: The Rinkeby housing project is the most dangerous in Sweden. 90% of the 15,000 residents are immigrants. The majority are Somalians. 17% of all 9th grade male residents admit to having already committed at least one forcible rape.