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Muslim thugs riot in Swedish capitol for fourth night

Left-wing RT blames “unemployment” and does not even mention who the rioters are!

The fact is the Swedes have spent huge amounts of money to create jobs for the immigrants. Most refuse to work the job, preferring the lavish welfare benefits and crime.

Sweden has one of the best job markets in the world. The rioting thugs could easily get jobs. They simply do not want to work.

The rioters are all Muslim immigrants. The majority are Somalians, who represent the most violent immigrant group in Sweden. Recently, all 9th grade males at the Rinkeby housing project were surveyed. The population in Rinkeby is 90% immigrant, and majority Somalian. A staggering 17% of all 9th grade males in the housing project admitted to having already committed at least one forcible rape.