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New York man beaten to death in brutal racially motivated hate crime

51 year old Michael Daniels was attacked at random by young blacks in Syracuse New York. He was savagely beaten to death.

Syracuse police say the attackers were between the ages of ten and sixteen.

The attack appears to be solely motivated by racial hatred. The story has only received minor local coverage. If the races had been reversed, this would be a national media event.

ABC affiliate Channel 9 Syracuse CENSORED  their television coverage. The perps are called “teens from the neighborhood,” and the race of the suspects is censored.

The Syracuse Post-Standard only printed a tiny CENSORED blip in their paper. The race of the perps was censored. The Syracuse Post-Standard laid the censorship on even heavier in their follow up blip titled “Police seek help to identify teens in fatal attack.” The paper explicitly commits fraud by insinuated that the description of the suspects released by police only described the suspects as “teens.” In reality that police released a description to the media that listed all suspects as black.

The Syracuse Post-Standard feels that political correctness far outweighs public safety.