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Non-white school board officials persecuting white female students in South Carolina and New Jersey

From Charleston Post & Courier. A white senior is being persecuted by a black school administrator.

In North Charleston, SC a white female High school senior posted a message on a private, non public, twitter account that referred to a disruptive black classmate as a “nigga.” A black female school board member, who’s son is the subject of the tweet, found out and demanded that the girl be expelled and denied the ability to graduate.

The anti-white school board official eventually settled for a five day suspension and a battery of of other punishments. The girl will be banned from attending her graduation ceremony. She must perform twenty hours of community service. She must write a paper about “racism.”

The Charleston Post & Courier ran a poll and only 17% of readers said the thought the punishment was justified.

Read article in Charleston Post & Courier

Now, in New Jersey, a Chinese school board official wants several white female students to attend forced counseling. Their horrible crime was starting a twitter hastag called #wgc, which stood for “White Girls Club.” Several students who used the hashtag are being forced to attend both group and individual therapy.

The New Jersey school that the students attend is only 25% white.