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Not a surprise: Latest anti-black “hate crime” is another hate crime hoax

Do any of these incidents ever turn out to be non-hoaxes?

A Los Angeles area school had multiple incidents of graffiti containing death threats and racial slurs. Look at all of Channel 5’s outrage. Channel 5 ran at least FOUR different news reports on the “hate crime.” However, when police announced the suspects were black, Channel 5 completely CENSORED this fact.

Police believe that two black students perpetrated the hoax as part of a plot to get transferred to another school. Police say the suspects were trying to get transferred, so they could play sports for the other school!

After airing at least four segments about the “hate crime.” Channel five only reported that it might not have been motivated by racial hatred. Channel 5 censored the race of the suspects.

Shame of Channel 5 for censoring the actual story!