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Oldham police arrest pregnant woman for holding British flag in public

Oldham City Hall raises Pakistani flag to celebrate Pakistani Day, March 23, 2013. Photo from Oldham Evening Chronicle.

British authorities have responded to Muslim violence by rounding up white people and charging them with hate crimes.

An 85 year old was arrested for making an anti-Islam statement in public.

About a dozen other people have been arrested for anti-Islam statements on Facebook and Twitter.

A pregnant woman was arrested for holding a British flag in Oldham, after Muslim pedestrians complain. The police are seen dragging the flag on the filthy ground as they arrested the woman.

Oldham has a history of Muslim violence and riots. Little is ever done to stop actual Muslim violence against white people. Click here to see a history of racially motivated violence against white people in Oldham.

Just days ago, the Oldham city council approved flying a homosexual pride flag at city hall for a day to fight “homophobia.” Oldham city hall also flies the Pakistani flag on March 23rd, for Pakistani Day.

Video: Pregnant woman arrested for holding a British flag in public.