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Sen. Vitter proposes amendment to end Obamaphones

Under the Obama regime, cell phone text messages are  a civil right. Hard-working citizens must pay surcharges on their cell phone bill to pay for welfare recipients to get free cell phones and subsidized data line.

The “mainstream” media is lying by falsely reporting that the free government cell phones have been available since 1984. This is absurd. Lifeline was started in 1984 to provide welfare recipients in rural areas with discounted basic landlines.

The subsidized cell phone program was started by George W. Bush in 2008. It was added to the “Lifeline” program. Under Obama the program was expanded even more to include free high dollar brand name smartphones and subsidized sms/data lines.

The only thing you have to do to qualify is have an income that is 135% of the poverty line or less, or already qualify for a state or Federal welfare program, such as food stamps, medicaid, ect.

All Americans who actually pay full price for their cell phone service are being charged a Federal surcharge to pay for free phones, subsidized service, and subsidized data service for anyone currently collecting food stamps benefits.