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Sharia gangs patrol 5,000 person Muslim exclusionary zone in Dutch capitol

Welcome to the “Sharia Triangle” less than two miles from the city center of The Hague/Den Haag.

This is a huge 5,000 person “exclusionary zone,” where Muslim immigrants have driven out white people with beatings and intimidation. Police are afraid to enter and gangs patrol the streets to enforce Sharia law.

From TheNewObservor…

An area only two kilometers (1.4 miles) from the city center of the Dutch capital The Hague has been so thoroughly colonized by Third World invaders that it has become “orthodox Muslim territory” into which not even the Dutch police dare venture, it has been reported.

Last Tuesday, social affairs minister Lodewijk Asscher and well-known Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders paid separate visits to the area, and are scheduled to report to the Dutch parliament next week.

The area, Schilderswijk, is known locally as “the Sharia triangle”, is being run by an unofficial Sharia police force.
The almost entirely Muslim population of some 5,000 people surrounds the El Islam mosque, and has effectively ethnically cleansed the area of all native white Dutch people by simply threatening them until they left.

One recent investigation, in which local people were extensively interviewed, concluded that Schilderswijk had become “orthodox Muslim territory” which was now largely ignored by the city authorities, by politicians and even by the police, on the grounds that it had become self-regulating.