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Somali immigrants commit two hate crime mob attacks in Minneapolis

somaliaA pack of six or seven Somalians viciously attacked two white joggers in unprovoked hate crimes. Police say there was no effort to steal anything.

The attacks took place on Saturday nearĀ East River Road and 37th Avenue NE in Minneapolis, MN. Click here for tiny blip in Minneapolis news.

Minneapolis is one of several US cities that is receiving taxpayer funded Somali refugees. The Federal government gives grants to private organizations to bring “refugees” from Somalia to the United States. These Somalians universally live on welfare and commit an astronomical amount of crime. Somalians operate numerous criminal gangs in Minneapolis and are known for drugs, rape, and sex trafficking.

The Somali community in Minneapolis is also a hotbed of Islamic extremism and many people have ties to radical Jihadist groups overseas. Female genital mutilation is occurring among Somali refugees in the US.

Minneapolis and Columbus, Ohio are experiencing battles in the public schools between Somalians and American born blacks.

Somalians were the main perpetrators of the recent riots in Stockholm, Sweden that lasted six days. Somalians have the highest crime rate of any immigrant group in Sweden.

Last February hundreds of black and Somali students battled each other in a Minneapolis public school. The same scenario has played out in Columbus, Ohio public schools for years.