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SPLC declares that its “Religious Right” critics are un-Christian

Under the headline “Religious Right Hurls False Accusations at SPLC,” the SPLC declares:

They [Christian Right] just can’t stop lying. They claim to represent Christianity and the celestial love for mankind that Christ embodied, but when it comes to whomever they regard as their enemies here on planet Earth, the crudest of libels will do.

This sweeping denouncement of the entire Christian Right, which would probably include over a third of Americans, is all based on the alleged actions of one person.

The SPLC then says that an individual slandered the SPLC on a youtube video. This alleged slander by one person is enough to demonize the entire “religious right.”

The SPLC then refers to their incendiary attacks on the Family Research Council as “perfectly legitimate criticism.” SPLC spokesman Mark Potok has compared the Family Research Council to the Ku Klux Klan on national television.


DC Terrorist Floyd Corkins says he tried to murder everyone inside the Family Research Council headquarters after reading material about them on the SPLC website.