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SPLC launches new attacks on CofCC member

The SPLC is a widely discredited fundraising hustles. Even on the left, the group is denounced as a fraud.

However, there are still a large number of radical left-wing reporters who pretend like the group is a legitimate “expert sources.”

Roan Garcia-Quintana  was recently chosen to be part of a 160 member re-election steering committee for South Carolina governor Nikki Haley.

The SPLC releasing a foaming at the mouth diatribe, denouncing Garcia-Quintana as an “anti-immigrant extremist” who is helping “South Carolina’s first non-white governor” get re-elected.

Related: SPLC is also agitating for the DOD to fire man for attending American Renaissance conference

The SPLC is agitating for the Department of Defense to fire a chemical engineer because he attended the recent American Renaissance conference. In a statement, the SPLC insinuates that the man’s security clearance should be pulled because he attended the conference.

The SPLC quoted the website of a violent left-wing gang network as their source of information on the man. The gang is known both as ARA and Antifa, and the website quoted by the SPLC is an umbrella site for the international gang networks American affiliates. The webmaster is currently being sued for tortuous interference, and was also present at the scene of a violent felony assault by a fellow gang member last year. The webmaster was also present along side two different people waving signs calling for murder outside the same American Renaissance conference. One sign called for the murder of political opponents and had a picture of an AK-47 rifle. Another sign called for the murder of ethnic Germans. The group was recently classified as criminal gang by the Cook County sheriff’s department (Chicago).

Recently, SPLC spokesman Mark Potok denounced this very same gang as “doing more harm than good.” Yet, despite the fact that their own spokesman denounced the gang, the SPLC website continues to routinely promote the gang, link to the website, and interview the gang’s main leaders.

The SPLC has a history of trying to get people fired from their jobs.