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The man who keeps the British immigration floodgates open

Ed Milliband

The immigrant son of two Marxist leaders fights to hold the 3rd world floodgate open in Britain

Ed Milliband is the leader of the Labour party and Britian’s biggest cheerleader for open borders. Both of his parents were hard-core Marxist leaders. His father was a Polish Jew who immigrated first to Belgium and then to Britain. His father’s name was Adolph “Ralph” Milliband and he taught Frankfurt School style Marxism at universities in Belgium and Britain.

His mother was also a Polish Jew who was involved in numerous Marxist and far-left causes. She was involved with Joe Slovo of the South African Communist party and far-left pro-Palestinian groups. She was a founding member of “Jews for Justice for the Palestinians.”

Milliband’s mother was a loyal supporter of the Labour Party, while his father rejected Labour for the openly Marxist “New Left” movement. The New Left believed that the “critical theory” of the Frankfurst School would bring about Marxist revolution in Britain.

Milliband misappropriates the Holocaust as a political weapon for the British left

Milliband constantly wraps his open borders message with the Holocaust. He says his parents came to Britain to escape the holocaust and insinuates that anyone who doesn’t want open border is not sympathetic to Holocaust victims. Milliband constantly claims that his parents would have been killed by the Nazi regime had it not been for Britain’s open border. Based on historical records, this statement is false. His mother was sheltered from the Nazis by a Polish convent. His father was left Belgium in 1940. He resided in Flanders, which refused to turn over its Jewish citizens to Nazi custody. He was not actually in danger of being sent to a concentration camp.