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US funded “insurgency” in Syria is actually a religious Jihad

From Staff

Despite Hillary Clinton’s absurd rantings about fighting for Democracy, the main goals of the Jihadists in Syria are:

1) Create a Sunni Islam theocratic state
2) Impose Sharia law
3) Kill Christians, Druze, and Shiites
4) Launch a new Caliphate

Barack Obama has given over $300 million to Syrian fighters, on record. This does not even count the money that was given to them from classified budgets. Jihadists were also allowed to take sophisticated weapons from the Libyan army and transport them to Turkey, a country that is harboring and aiding the fighters. It is widely speculated that the US ambassador was trying to stop these arms shipments out of Libya. The ambassador was killed during a seven hour battle. Multiple whistleblowers say the White House ordered a stand down and allowed the ambassador to be killed. Despite previous attacks and threats of violence at the Libyan embassy, the US State Department had actually removed part of the security detail instead of increasing it.

Al-Nusra Jihadists (which is run by some of the same people who ran “Al-Qaeda in Iraq”). Notice they are not calling for Democracy or Freedom. They call for a Saudi Style dictatorship and the return of a Sunni Islam Caliphate [Emperor]. The man leading the chanting says only one banner will be raised over Syria, referring to the Wahhabist banner used by Saudi Arabia, the Taliban, and Al-Qaeda. There appears to be black, white, and possibly green versions flying in the crowd. Saudi Arabia uses a greenversion as their national flag, and the Taliban used a white one, and Al Qaeda uses a black one.

The chant “Khaybar, Khayber, O Jews” refers to the capture of the Jewish fortress town of Khayber in 629 by Muhammed and his army of followers. The second line “The army of Muhammed shall return,” is referring to a future attack on Israel. The chant is aimed at Israel.

Here is another group of Jihadists in Syria. They are standing behind a Saudi Arabian flag, which represents the Wahhabist dictatorship.