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White couple severely injured in brutal hate crime attack

Two black males attacked a white couple in an Edgefield, SC park. Both victims were beaten in the head with a metal pipe and suffered severe head injuries. The male victim is in critical condition. If the races were reversed, this would be a major news story.

There have been numerous other attacks in Edgefield, SC in the past few weeks, but the media is providing no details. Edgefield is 60% black.

From Augusta Chronicle…

A pair of armed robbers prowling Riverwalk Augusta with a metal club or bat Friday fractured an Edgefield, S.C., man’s skull to the point that his brain began to bleed, according to a police report released Sunday.

Wesley L. Spires, 27, was admitted to University Hospital about 11:20 p.m. Friday, after he drove himself and Ashley E. Solesbee, 25, of North Augusta, to the medical facility in search of care. Each was suffering from several facial fractures and head wounds. Spires also had a broken hand, according to an incident report from the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.

The injuries came at the hands of two armed robbers who approached the couple and demanded money about 11 p.m. Friday, as the South Carolina residents were sitting on a park bench behind Fort Discovery at the riverwalk.

When Spires and Solesbee did not produce any money, the muggers started hitting them with a bat or pipe, then took their cell phones and ran away toward Sixth Street.

The suspects are described as two tall, slim black males with short dreadlocks who were wearing black clothing and saggy pants.