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British police state arrests EDL leaders again


EDL leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll have been arrested by police in Tower Hamlets, near the East London Mosque.

Robinson and Carroll were held Saturday 29 June, on suspicion of obstructing the police and attempting to enter Tower Hamlets, despite being ordered to stay away by police.

Two members of the public were also arrested amid reports that the English Defence League pair had been attacked in Commercial Street, close to Aldgate East tube station.

Up to 12 police officers bundled the four men in to a police van.

As he was taken into custody, Robinson ranted, “You couldn’t make this up. The whole world is watching. All we want to do is complete our sponsored walk. Is this freedom in the 2013?”

Officers swooped on Robinson and Carroll as they approached the East London Mosque. Both are vocal critics of Islam. The mosque, in Whitechapel, has been previously linked with fundamentalist Islam.

Robinson and Carroll were taking part in a ‘Walk of Honour’ on Armed Forces Day in aid of a child who needs life-saving treatment for an illness.