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French media exonerates victims of left-wing gang attack in France

Homosexual activist and Marxist gang member. Video suggests he died when he fell and hit his head while participating in a criminal mob attack.

We previously wrote about this story here.

Surveillance video completely destroys the far-left narrative that homosexual activist and gang member Clément Méric was “beaten to death in an attack by skinheads.” Surveillance video exonerates Spanish citizen Esteban Morillo who was accused of delivering the fatal blow to Méric.

Police also recovered evidence that Méric and his fellow gang members had been stalking Morillo and his girlfriend.


The killing of a teenage anti-fascist militant after an altercation with far-right skinheads in early June prompted fears of a resurgence of far-right violence. But the evidence suggests the leftists may have been the aggressors.

But according to French broadcaster RTL, which has seen the footage taken by a nearby camera belonging to Paris’s RATP public transport network, Méric and his group may well have been the ones to have struck first, confirming claims by far right groups that Morillo had been attacked, and not vice-versa.

According to RTL, it was Méric and his group who waited outside the sale, and it was he who threw the first punch.

RTL also quoted witnesses saying that Méric had been the most provocative during the verbal altercation.

Immediately after Méric’s death, the Paris prosecutor asked that charges of premeditated murder be levelled at security guard Morillo, 20.

But the investigating judge dismissed the suggestion that Morillo and his gang had purposefully targeted Méric, ruling that he should be investigated instead for manslaughter.

And according to weekly news magazine Le Point, investigators who confiscated computers from “Antifa” militants associated with Méric found photos of Morillo and his girlfriend Katia, annotated with the comment: “We need to identify these people.”

Marxist gang members took to the streets of Paris to claim that Meric was a “martyr.”