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Hate crime mob attack against Puerto Rican family in Niagara Falls

Between 15 and 20 blacks attacked a Puerto Rican family while yelling racial slurs.

From Niagara-Gazette…

A Falls teen was arrested Tuesday after an Eagle Height resident reported he had threatened her son with a gun and pistol-whipped her.

An officer said he was called to the 2800 block of Eagle Heights on Tuesday afternoon where a resident reported the incident had occurred about 6 p.m. Monday.

The resident said she and her family members were listening to music and having a drink when a group of 15 to 20 people, identified as black, approached them from a nearby park.

The resident said people in the group were yelling racial slurs and “Turn off the Puerto Rican (expletive) music.”

The resident said the next thing she knew, a fight had broken out in the park and during the melee her son was punched and kicked by several people and fell to the ground.

When her son picked himself up, the woman said a man from the group pulled out a pistol and pointed it in her son’s face. She said someone in the group was yelling, “Shoot him … shoot him.”

The woman said the man with the gun, later identified as Dionte D. Dolson began working the pistol’s slide as if the pistol misfired or didn’t work properly.

The woman said she ran to her son as she was in fear for his life and Dolson pistol whipped her twice in the head, causing two knots to her head.