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Judge blocks prosecution from presenting Boondock Saints style theory in Zimmerman trial

After over two weeks of deliberation, the Judge in the George Zimmerman trial ruled that self-described “forensic audio expert” Alan Reich would not be allowed to testify.

In a 911 call by a witness, you can hear screams and what sounds like cries of “help.” When police played the recording for Trayvon Martin’s father, he said it was not Trayvon’s voice. Police took a sample of George Zimmerman’s voice and sent it to audio experts. The experts claimed that the 911 recording was not clear enough for a 100% match. Police used eyewitness testimony from neighbors and physical evidence to conclude that George Zimmerman was screaming and yelling for help.

However, the state of Florida wants to let Alan Reich to present his “theory” to the jury. Reich claims that he can hear Trayvon yelling “stop” and “I’m begging you.”

He also claims he can hear George Zimmerman talking like an “evangelist” and making a “seemingly religious” statement as Trayvon screams. This theory, which sounds like it was inspired by the movie Bondock Saints, is what the State of Florida intends have Alan Reich present to the jury.

The “mainstream keeps talking about this “pivotal expert testimony” without mentioning what it actually is.

According to self-described “forensic audio expert” Alan Reich, the events that transpired between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin happened something like this:


Here is the actual audio from the 911 call in question:


Comparison of screams on 911 audio and exemplar of Zimmerman’s voice taken by the Sanford Police.