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Judge rules that prosecutors can call Zimmerman a wannabe cop and a vigilante during trial

Continued coverage of the George Zimmerman trial…

A massive amount of evidence concerning the character of Trayvon Martin was ruled inadmissible in the George Zimmerman trial. Zimmerman’s lawyers may not mention his violent past, his many school suspensions, or his tweets about using/distributing drugs. They are also banned from mentioning that he tested positive for marijuana when the autopsy was done.

However, the same judge ruled that prosecutors can refer to Zimmerman as a “vigilante” and “wanna-be cop” during the trial.

The judge ruled that prosecutors can accuse Zimmerman of “profiling” Trayvon during the trial.

A battle is looming over whether prosecutors can bring in paid self-described “forensic audio analysts” to claim the screaming on the 911 tape is Trayvon. The father of Trayvon Martin told Sanford police that the screams did not come from his son.

Once Trayvon’s death turned into a financial bonanza for the Martin family, Trayvon’s father changed his story. He then told the media that he changed his mind and the screams did come from Trayvon.