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Julius Malema starts new political party aimed at confiscating white land and assests

Julius Malema, former ANC Youth Leader had his own farm sold at auction to pay back taxes. He also faces possible money laundering charges. However, he says he is launching a new political party to “fight white males.” He is calling for the confiscation of white owned land and business assets.

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Juju’s fresh venture, according to a report in The Star newspapers is to establish a movement that would “restore the dignity of blacks” and reduce inequality between rich and poor. At the moment he is in a “consultancy phase” of his new movement/party/forum.

The envisaged movement/party/forum would also “fight for social justice rather than reconciliation and resume an onslaught against white male monopoly capital. It would push for expropriation of land without compensation, nationalisation of mines, and force the beneficiaries of apartheid to be remorseful “and behave in a manner that says they regret their conduct,” the Star report says.

The best bit is saved for last. Malema apparently told the newspaper that corruption and abuse of public funds were rampant, while the culprits were being exonerated through “micro-managed” investigations. He decided to organise “radical militants” in and outside the African National Congress “to come together and talk about an alternative platform”.

“I think we should find a way of sitting together and decide what to do,” Malema told the newspaper. “We are being molested here. I refuse to sit back. It can’t be. And I think there should be some sort of an announcement soon,” he said.