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Marxist gang member dies while committing assault in France

Two women dressed in British "skinhead" fashion with wearing high end Fred Perry shirts and sweaters.

Two women dressed in British “skinhead” fashion. Wearing high end items from Fred Perry.

The French media has been running headlines claiming “Neo-Nazi skinheads beat homosexual activist to death in Paris.”

The deceased is Clement Meric, an 18 year old homosexual who is part of Anti-Fascist Action or Antifa. In the United States, this group is more commonly known as ARA. Antifa’s name and logo come from the paramilitary wing of the pre-WWII German Communist Party.

The incident took place at an event at a high end clothing store in Paris. The store was having a liquidation sale on Fred Perry shirts. This is a high end British clothing company that makes tennis apparel. Fred Perry clothing were part of the fashion of the British “skinhead” counter-culture scene of the 60’s and 70’s. Some members of Antifa gang call themselves “skinheads” today and even have patched “skinhead” gangs within the loose Antifa gang network.

Several members of the Antifa gang spotted three guys they claim are members of a far-right group. They began calling fellow gang members and urging them to come to the store. According to some reports, Meric was among those who received a phone call and rushed to the scene.

As the three victims were leaving the department store, they were attacked by a larger group of Antifa members. Police say Meric was only punched twice, but he received a fatal wound to his head when he fell.

The man who punched Meric is an immigrant from Spain. Police initially charged Spanish tourist Esteban Morillo with murder. A judge promptly dismissed this charge, crushing media attempt to paint Meric’s death as a premeditated attack. Morillo is still being held on charges of culpable homicide.

Marxist and homosexual groups have been holding demonstrations in Paris to depict Meric as a martyr. The reality is that a violent left-wing gang simply didn’t want another group of people to buy the same tennis apparel that they liked.

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Members of the patched

Members of the patched skinhead gang “Red & Anarchist Skinheads.” Here the group displays the logo of the Fred Perry clothing company with a pink triangle for homosexuality inside of it.