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Multiculturalism classes among the most failed at Florida State University

Man yelling at white woman

You can’t graduate without the requirement minimum dosage of white guilt brainwashing.

These are the seven “most failed high enrollment” classes at Florida State University.

College Algebra
Multicultural Films
General Biology
Race & Ethnicity in the US
General Psychology
Computer Fluency

FSU requires undergraduates to have a certain number of credit hours in “Multiculturalism” to graduate. Classes like Black Women in America, The African American Experience in the United States, African-American Dance in American Culture, Introduction to African-American Literature, Family Problems and Social Change, Homosexuality in Antiquity, and many more count towards the multiculturalism requirement.

You expect to math and science classes among the most failed. But to have three easy first year “basket-weaving” style classes on the list is a surprise. Students must really hate having to take their required minimum amount of multiculturalism indoctrination.