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Poll: Should states try to secede from the USA?

In the 20th century, new countries formed at a rate of one per year. The United States government itself has been actively involved in backing secessionist movements around the world and has helped create several new countries in the past twenty years alone.

In 2014, the Scottish will vote on weather or not to secede from the United Kingdom. In Belgium, an artificially created nation, Flanders has been on the brink of seceding for years. Secessionist movements also have major support in Spain and Italy. It is extremely probable that Iraq and/or Syria will break up along ethnic and religious line as a result of US intervention.

The last time last states tried to lawfully secede from the United States, Abraham Lincoln suspended the US constitution and launched a massive invasion of the seceding states. When the dust settled, 600,000 Americans were dead and the United States had been transformed from a voluntary constitutional republic, to an empire. However, we live in a different world today. Many argue that it is time to try secession again.

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Activists demonstrate for statewide nullification of Federal laws in Columbis, South Carolina.

Activists demonstrate for statewide nullification of Federal laws in Columbia, South Carolina. Secede t-shirts are sold by Patriotic Flags.