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Pregnant woman killed during mob violence in Dayton

Police say that dozens of black females were involved in a violent battle outside of an apartment complex in Dayton. At some point, shots ran out. A pregnant female was left dead. Her baby survived. It is unknown in the murder victim was a pedestrian or involved in the fighting.




The news comes as Christopher Foster, the baby boy delivered via emergency C-section at Miami Valley Hospital after his mother was fatally shot last week, is steadily improving and can now grip his grandparents’ fingers, the family said Tuesday.

After initially being labeled in critical condition, he can now open his eyes and interact with his family.

The family said Foster, who was born weighing 7 pounds 15 ounces, will live with his mother’s parents once he is able to go home from the hospital. Although his condition is improving, doctors warned that he is not out of the woods yet.

Da’Lyne Foster’s father David Foster said Sunday that doctors slowly weened the baby out of a “semi-frozen state,” warming his body temperature one degree at a time over the weekend.

His body was cooled for four days in an attempt to reduce swelling and decrease the risk of brain damage, his grandfather said.
Da’Lyne Foster, 27, was killed by gunfire during a disturbance Wednesday night near the intersection of Danner and Stewart streets in the DeSoto Bass housing complex.

She was nine months pregnant and scheduled to deliver Christopher the day after the shooting.
The baby’s three older siblings will live with their fathers, the family said.