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Publisher dumps new Paula Deen cookbook even though it is already the best seller in America

Paul Deen is under fire because thirty years ago she used a racial slur while describing an armed robber.


Advance sales for “Paula Deen’s New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes All Lightened Up” sent it skyrocketing to the top of’s best-seller list this week, though it wasn’t scheduled to be released until October.

But on Friday afternoon, Ballantine Books, a Random House imprint, announced it had made the “difficult decision” to cancel the cookbook’s publication.

Refunds for those who pre-ordered the book will be handled by the various retailers, said Random House spokesman Stuart Applebaum.

Previously reported on this website:

Paula Deen has a new cookbook coming out October 15th, 2013. Amazon and Barnes & Nobles started taking pre-orders a few days ago. It is already the number one seller on both websites. Previous cookbooks by Paula Deen have shot up to #2 and #77 on Amazon. A cookbook by Paula Deen’s son is at #97 on Amazon.


Already a bestseller, just from the pre-orders.

Upcoming book is #1 and her last book has shot up to #2 on

Upcoming book is #1 and her last book has shot up to #2 on

Already ranked #1 on Barnes & Nobles.

Already ranked #1 on Barnes & Nobles.