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“Surge of anti-Muslim attacks” is a total British media hoax

A completely fake claim by the British media that there is an explosion of “anti-Muslim hate crimes,” or “anti-Muslim attacks,” has made it’s way into the US media.

While there are over a dozen Brits now being persecuted for thoughts crimes, no actual serious attacks been reported.

The claims of “212 anti-Muslim hate crimes” is coming from a British version of the SPLC. The Orwellian named “Tell Mama.”

The UK Telegraph admitted that of the “212 crimes,” 57% are posts on Facebook and Twitter. Most of the rest are for comments allegedly made in public.

Of the 212, there are 17 that involved a victim and Tell Mama admits that many are “unverified.” Meaning they may or may not have actually occurred. None of the 17 resulted in any kind of serious harm. Six are alleged attempts to pull of someone’s hijab. The other eleven are alleged throwing of an object at a Muslim person.

The Lodon metropolitan police says that no Muslims have reported any serious injury.

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