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EU strips immunity from prominent parliament member so French can file thought crime charges

Marine Le Pen is leader of the French political party Front National. She is also an elected member of the European Parliament. In 2012, she ran for president of France and received 18% of the vote in the first round. 

The ruling French Socialist party wants her charged with thought crimes for criticizing Muslim immigration. She said that when Muslim immigrants shut down streets for public prayer gatherings she feels it looks like an occupation.

As a member of the EU parliament she is supposed to have immunity from France’s thought crimes law. However, the EU Committee on Legal Affairs voted to strip her of immunity so she could be charged.

In 1997, the EU parliament stripped the immunity of Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marine Le Pen’s father, so he could be charged with thought crimes in Germany. The German prosecutors wanted to charge him with a thought crime for a statement he had made ten years earlier. A German court eventually convicted him of what it called “minimizing the Holocaust.” He was ordered to pay a fine.

In 2006 the French government convicted Jean-Marie Le Pen of “inciting racial hatred” for criticizing Islam.

Last April France fined Air France $10,000 for “racism” because they barred a pro-Palestinian activist from flying to Tel Aviv at the request of the Israeli government. Air France simply refused to fly someone to a country that didn’t want that person trying to enter.

Legendary film star Bridget Bardot has been fined five times for “inciting racial hatred” by the French government. Each time it was for criticizing Islam slaughterhouse practices known as Halal. Bardot is a well known animal rights activist.