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Violent Marxist gang claims responsibility for more criminal activity in Chicago

The main Antifa umbrella website, which is routinely promoted by the SPLC website, features an upside down burning US flag in its logo.

The ARA/Antifa umbrella website features an upside down burning US flag in its logo.

The violent Marxist gang network known as ARA/Antifa is routinely promoted on the SPLC website, even though the SPLC publicly admits the gang network commits violent crimes. The SPLC romanticizes their violence and calls them “flawed freedom fighters.” The gang network calls its political ideology “Anarcho-Marxism” which is an oxymoron.

An umbrella website for the gang, which the SPLC website routinely links to and promotes, is boasting of criminal gang activity in a concert venue in Chicago. The website says that Antifa gang members “shut down” a concert by someone named Boyd Rice at a venue called Empty Bottle.

The SPLC backed Antifa gang website boasts:

Contrary to his tough guy internet talk, Boyd did not leave the safety of the venue one single time. Because of this, antifascists had to move to the next best thing. At around ten thirty, as Boyd Rice took the stage, a smoke device was let off bringing the show to an immediate end, as confirmed by multiple sources.

The gang website then goes on to list more concert dates and encourages gang members to take action to prevent the concerts from taking place.

The webmaster for umbrella website is a forty something self-described “punk” who goes by DLJ. He is also a rare African American member of the gang network. Almost all of the gang members are white, with a large percentage identifying themselves as “queers.” DLJ was featured in a hoax documentary that the SPLC helped make with MSNBC called “Erasing Hate.” The webmaster is depicted as a civil rights activist in the documentary. Besides routinely posting links, the SPLC has repeatedly interviewed DLJ and depicted him in a positive.

DLJ was present when an Antifa member attacked a pedestrian in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on February 27, 2011.  Jin Mcfadden was charged with assault for spraying a man with pepper spray. DLJ is currently being sued for tortious interference of a contract. In April of 2013, DLJ was part of a group who protested the American Renaissance conference. Two people held up signs advocating murder. One of the pro-murder signs also had an Antifa gang logos drawn on it.

DLJ recently bragged on facebook about being part of an altercation in New Jersey where he took a man’s jacket. He boasts that he removed a gang patch from the man’s jacket and framed it on his wall. The logo for the website is an upside down burning American flag.

Screen capture from ARA/Antifa umbrella site that is promoted by the SPLC.

Screen capture from ARA/Antifa umbrella site that is promoted by the SPLC.


Antifa/ARA webmaster DLJ. Portrayed as a civil rights activist by the SPLC