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15 year old girl slaughtered in Seattle thrill killing

Erick Walker allegedly fired randomly into a group of teenage girls for the fun of it.

A fifteen year old white female was gunned down by a black male in Seattle, Washington.

Prosecutors say Erick N. Walker, fired into a group of six girls from his car. Mary Clare (Molly) Conley was slaughtered. He also struck several houses and cars.

From Molly Conley memorial website

The Washington state lacrosse community is deeply saddened with the loss of Bishop Blanchet High School freshman and Roosevelt lacrosse player Molly Conley.

Having just turned 15, Conley was the victim of a random drive-by shooting on Saturday night while walking with friends during a birthday celebration in Lake Stevens, a rural community about a 45-minute drive northeast of her family’s home in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood.Born Mary Clare Conley on May 31, 1998 in Seattle, Conley will be remembered both for her engaging smile and fun-loving spirit, but also as a highly intelligent, athletic and witty person with a positive influence on all those who knew her said Roosevelt lacrosse coach Vinca Swanson.

“She took all of the good things that she had in her life and made them work for her and others.  Her intelligence just came shining through,” Swanson said.

Conley, who played all 12 games with the Roosevelt lacrosse team this spring and who was also a rising star in goal on the Blanchet soccer team, had a uniquely strong sense of the value of family and friends, Swanson said.  “It gave her the ability to open-up and learn.  She just did well at everything.”

A lacrosse player since age nine, Conley began playing the sport with the local boys team, Magnolia United.

Only last year did Conley, nicknamed by her teammates “4.0” for her straight “A” academics and All-American personality, make the switch to play with the girls for the local Roosevelt High School club seeing time with both the JV and varsity squads – a rarity for high school freshmen in lacrosse.