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Australia announces ban on receiving illegal alien boat people after riot

The Prime Minister’s of Australia and Papua New Guinea [PNG] sign a deal to put “boat people” in a settlement in PNG.

Illegal immigrant “boat people” from Iran rioted and burned down an Australian detention center on Christmas Island.

There has been a huge backlash against illegal immigration and the Australian government says they will no longer receive any illegal alien “boat people.” A new plan calls for intercepted “boat people” to be taken to a settlement in Papua New Guinea and banned from ever entering Australia.

From The Age…

No asylum seeker who comes by boat will ever be resettled in Australia, under Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s dramatic and ”hardline” rewrite of refugee laws.

They will instead be sent to Papua New Guinea for processing and, if found to be refugees, will be resettled in the island nation.

In the strongest line a modern Labor prime minister has yet taken against asylum seekers, Mr Rudd said: ”As of today, asylum seekers who come here by boat without a visa will never be settled in Australia.”

Declining to say how much the initiative would cost, Mr Rudd said it ”will not be inexpensive”. But he said in time the measures would be ”budget neutral”, with current record arrivals – numbering 15,610 this year – placing a heavy burden on the budget.

All asylum seekers arriving by boat after Mr Rudd and PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill signed the agreement at 4.30pm on Friday are subject to the new rules. Asylum seekers already on Manus Island and Nauru, as well as those detained in Australia, are not subject to the new laws.

”I understand that this is a very hardline decision,” Mr Rudd said. ”But our responsibility as a government is to ensure that we have a robust system of border security and orderly migration, on the one hand, as well as fulfilling our legal and compassionate obligations under the Refugees Convention on the other.”