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Facebook shows extreme double standard

Last year Facebook censors deleted a “Support George Zimmerman” facebook page and deleted the founder’s well established account. Now they are refusing to delete pages titled “Riot for Trayvon” and “Kill Zimmerman.”

Facebook also has a long established policy of deleting conservative pages. Facebook has repeatedly deleted pages for the Council of Conservative Citizens.


On March 21st, I wrote an article that challenged the media’s coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting. This article reached over 200,000 facebook shares. So this wasn’t exactly an obscure fringe opinion. A large number of people on Facebook agreed with me.

I continued to receive support for my article on Facebook in the weeks after it was written. When Zimmerman was arrested, many wanted me to help lead public support for the man on the social media site. So I started a “Free George Zimmerman” page. Imagine my surprise when Facebook not only deleted the page, but my entire account. The account was five or six years old. I was given no warning, no reason, and apparently have no recourse.