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Fox News finally talks about black on white murders

Mob Screamed "Kill All Whites."

Background on interracial murders:
Historically, almost all black homicide victims have been killed by other blacks. FOX News reports that 91% of black are killed by other blacks. Other data shows figures between 93%-96%. However the figure is coming down because of the rising number of Latino vs. black gang warfare killings in cities like Chicago and Los Angeles. The Federal government combines the number of black killed by Latinos and blacks killed by whites into one figure. However, various state and city data suggests a large majority of blacks killed by a non-black are killed by a Latino who 

is a gang member. Control of the drug trade and vanity are not the only motives for these killings. Race does exacerbates black/Latino gang warfare. In Los Angeles, Latino gangs are even accused of killing black non-gang members are part of an intimidation campaign to drive black residents out of certain neighborhoods.

According to the FBI, over 50% of gang members in the US are now Latino and the total number of Latino gang members is rising fast.

Tracking black on white murders in the USA.

Tracking interracial crimes against whites in Britain