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Last minute trick: Prosecutors ask judge to let them slip in two brand new charges against Zimmerman

Prosecutor  John Guy

The prosecution launched a desperate last minute ploy to get a conviction of 3rd degree murder or aggravated assault against George Zimmerman. After deliberation, the judge ruled against letting the jury consider 3rd degree murder. Presently the judge is still considering the aggravated assault charge.

Presently the Zimmerman trial has the option of convicting George Zimmerman of 2nd Degree murder, manslaughter, or acquitting him.

Legal experts now say a 2nd degree murder conviction is not very likely. However, prosecutors are trying to save face by asking the judge to let the jury consider brand new options. Prosecutors want the jury to also consider 3rd degree murder on child abuse and aggravated assault with a firearm.

Prosecutors argued that 3rd degree murder on child abuse, or “felony child abuse,” was applicable because Trayvon was 17. The prosecution is also asking the judge to allow a possible charge of aggravated assault with a firearm. Under Florida law, aggravated assault with a firearm carries significantly more jail time than manslaughter.

Meanwhile the Defense has rested and the trial is in it’s final phase. Jury deliberation could begin on Friday.



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