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MSNBC host wears tampon earrings during broadcast

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry wore “tampon earrings” during a broadcast of her show on Sunday. The tampon earrings were part of a poor attempt at perpetrating a hoax against the Texas State Legislature.

She says that it was to protest the fact that security at the Texas State Legislature confiscated tampons from pro-abortion protesters before they could enter the state legislature. What she doesn’t say is that these same pro-abortion demonstrators had publicly announced that they were going to throw the tampons at Texas legislators. She also doesn’t mention that security confiscated 18 jars believed to contain feces and one jar of urine! They confiscated several jars of paint and other items that the pro-abortion demonstrators, by their statements, intended to hurl at legislatures.

Even Democratic Party legislators condemned the behavior of the demonstrators.

MSNBC Screen Capture

MSNBC Screen Capture