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Poll: Should women be allowed to breast feed in public

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Photo from New York Post

From New York Post…

A Belgian diplomat says his family was bounced from a White Plains golf club — and treated like “terrorists” — simply because his wife was breast-feeding at a table and he was carrying a black backpack.

Tom Neijens, 36, and his wife, Roseline Remans, 34, stopped by the Metropolis Country Club on June 8 and asked if they could have lunch despite the fact that they weren’t members.

Staffers gave the Harlem family permission to dine on the terrace, where Remans said she discreetly bared her bosom to feed her daughter, Luka.

A female manager swiftly intervened to nip the feeding in the bud.

Minutes later, the Greenburgh Police Department arrived.

Detective Scott Harding allegedly yelled, “Close the doors!” and two other diners were told to leave the terrace.

“He was walking as if he was acting in a Western movie,” Neijens said. “He had one hand on his gun, one hand on his Taser.”

Neijens said the officer warned the couple they were trespassing and said some people at the club thought they were terrorists because of their black backpack.

When Remans, on the verge of tears, questioned why terrorists would breast-feed at a ritzy club, the cop allegedly replied, “In Sri Lanka, babies are used by terrorists.”