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Six year old commits armed mugging in Pittsburgh

Northview Heights is an infamous housing project in Pittsburgh. It was first built in the late 1950’s. By the 1990’s it was so bad that firefighters and utility workers were demanding police escorts before the they would enter the neighborhood. At one point it has believed to be the biggest drug market in the state.

Today, Northview Heights consists of taxpayer subsidized rental units and 1,200 residents. The residents are 91% black. Despite massive efforts to curb crime, it looks like things are still pretty bad.

A six year old committed armed robbery.

Let that sink in.

A six year old pulled a knife on another little kid and mugged another kid. Police say they are letting the child’s mother take care of disciplining the child and will not filing criminal charges. How would a six year old even know what armed robbery is? Did the mother teach him? An older brother?

Why isn’t this the biggest news story in the United States?

But wait… there is more. Just one day earlier a six year old in Pittsburgh tried to grab a gun out of a police officers’ holster. The six year old then became extremely violent. He kicked, scratched, and bit the officer. The mother of the six year old was indignant and complained about the police to local media! Police say the boy is not being charged because of his age.

Watch video about six year old who committed armed robbery.

Watch video about the six year old grabbing the officers’ gun.

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