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Suspected killer of brothers in Jacksonville charged with shooting another victim in the face

The suspected gunman in the killing of the Bohannon brothers has also been charged with shooting another man in the face on July 7th.

Jallil Graves was part of a large group of men who showed up at an Orange Park, FL house party uninvited. The group became rowdy and were asked to leave. They remained in the driveway of the house and started shooting off fireworks and refused to leave. When they were pressed to leave again, police say Jallil Graves shot Jon Barrett Milam II, a white male, in the face. Milam survived, but his present condition is unknown. We have reached out to his family on Facebook to try to get information on his recovery.

Jallil was arrested for the shooting on July 16th. Police believe he was the gunman who killed brothers Andrew and Matthew Bohannon in a busy parking park lot on July 15th.

Jallil Graves has been charged with killing two and maiming a third.