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6.8 million blacks are about to be in violation of the Obamacare mandate

Crazy Mayor Nutter blamed white people for confusing blacks about the Obamacare mandate.

In a few days, an estimated 6.8 million blacks will be in violation of the Obamacare mandate and subject to fines.

Crazy Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter blames white people. He says the vitriol of white Republicans has left black people confused.

Over 66 million Americans are receiving Medicaid. Over 47 million of these are non-elderly. While Hispanics are the kings of receiving Medicaid, black rates are astronomical compared to white rates.

Blacks are received Medicaid, free taxpayer provided welfare health care, at 2.4 times the white rate. A staggering 29% of all non-elderly blacks and 28% non-elderly Hispanics are receiving Medicaid. Only 12% of non-elderly white receive Medicaid. In fact, studies have shown that America’s “poor” are receiving more medical services than the middle class.

(Ironically, the highest rate of non-elderly whites on Medicaid is in the Marxist stronghold of Vermont. However, with a rate of 26%, the highest individual white rate is still lower than the average for blacks and Hispanics.)

For young urban black adults, who aren’t on medicaid, they can still get free medical services at any ER in the country.

There is little incentive for young urban blacks, who are used to getting all their medical care for free, to suddenly start paying for premium insurance. Since the beginning, Obamacare was largely targeted at young white adults with discount policies. Millions of these bare-bones discount policies have been shut down by the Federal government and the policy holders are now required by law to pay for more expensive insurance.

The fact that blacks would be dramatically less likely to comply with the Obamacare insurance mandate was extremely easy to predict. This website has been proven right once again.

From The Hill…

The Obama administration is engaged in a “final coordinated push” to enroll blacks in ObamaCare, White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said Friday.

Jarrett said blacks have a “disproportionately low rate of coverage,” and called enrolling them the administration’s “top priority.”

“We still have a long way to go and we want to make sure we take advantage of every opportunity for outreach,” she said in a Friday conference call with reporters and three mayors that preside over large black communities: Kevin Johnson of Sacramento, Calif., Michael Nutter of Philadelphia and A.C. Wharton of Memphis, Tenn.

 An estimated 6.8 million African-Americans lack healthcare coverage. The 2014 enrollment deadline closes on March 31.

The Obama administration said youth organizers and stakeholders would be launching enrollment events targeting black youths in the coming weeks. Jarrett also highlighted some of the black celebrities and athletes that the administration has brought on board for the push. They include Magic Johnson, Alonzo Mourning, Aisha Tyler, Pharrell Williams and Kerry Washington.

The administration will also be looking “to strengthen our partnerships across the country with mayors and state officials.”

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has not said how many blacks have enrolled in ObamaCare, but enrollment trends in California, where Hispanic enrollment appears to be lagging, have stoked fears that minority groups are not getting the administration’s message.

Wharton said one of the barriers to enrollment in his poverty-stricken city is that the poor have become so reliant on free emergency room services that any cash outlay for insurance, no matter how cheap, would be a sticker shock for some of his citizens.

Nutter blamed the hyper-politicization of ObamaCare for keeping some blacks from enrolling.

“You can’t deny the impact of the intensity of the vitriol in the debate around moving towards the ACA, all of the politics and strategies utilized … the inane debates in Congress, the 40 plus attempts to repeal … the confusing array of information that’s out there,” he said. “The general public has real lives and real problems and they don’t have time to sit around having esoteric debates about this.”

Friday’s conference call is part of a series of high-profile events that White House officials and surrogates will be making in the coming weeks before the enrollment deadline.