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Black Congressman demands affirmative action primaries

Jim Clyburn is a US Congressman from South Carolina and the godfather of black politics in that state. He represents an octopus shaped district that is forced on South Carolina by the Federal government.

Clynurn’s District 6 includes several majority black rural areas including Orangeburg and Sumter. Then it has tentacles that punch into the Charleston and Columbia metro areas to include majority black neighborhoods. District 6 was created by the Federal government and imposed on South Carolina to ensure that there is a black dominated district.

Having a Federal imposed majority black district is no longer enough for Clyburn. He wants special treatment for black candidates. He says that primary runoff elections are a racist conspiracy. This is when three or more people run in a primary and no one gets a majority. The top two candidates compete in a runoff. In South Carolina runoff elections take place thirty days after a primary.

Crazy Clyburn stated “That 50-percent-plus-one rule was put in in order to negate or minimize opportunity for African-Americans to win the primary. It’s a very slick way to dilute the impact of the black vote.”