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Black Florida newspaper says black males are being killed off by racist whites

The South Florida Times is a black newspaper that claims to be “Elevating the Dialog.” The paper is actually a tool of black militants to incite hatred against white people.

Over 93% of black murder victims are killed by another black person. Most of the rest are killed by Latinos.

The paper published an article saying that young black males are being mass murdered by racist white people. The article only cites one example of a black man man killed by a white people, yet claims the number of killings is tantamount to genocide.

Blacks commit murder at nine times the white rate. Virtually all interracial crime between blacks and white involves a white victim and a black perpetrator.

From The South Florida Times…

It’s not the elephant, it’s not the owl, it’s not the panda. The world’s most endangered species is the black male teenager. Don’t ever think that Florida is the only place where black children can be gunned down by white separatists, white supremacists or white racists in broad daylight.

Wherever you are, wherever you live and whatever non-threatening thing you do, all a hater has to do is call you a gangster or a thug and proceed to shoot you multiple times.

The African-American community has to protect African-American children. Black people can’t depend on the police for protection. Many people who shoot unarmed, law-abiding teenagers are released immediately once the shooter says he stood his ground and killed the teenager in self defense.

ut black children have to look over their shoulders every day. They can’t go to the neighborhood market. They can’t go to the service station. They can’t go anywhere where someone has a gun, has a gripe and is looking for someone to unload a clip on.

It’s easy to convict a black man for killing a dog but it seems hard as hell to convict a white man for murdering a black child. Executions of black children using “stand your ground” laws as a defense will go on and on until children of other races begin to get murdered.