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Black History Month Myth of the Day. The Cell Phone.

Dr. Henry T. Sampson (pictured at right) and Dr. George H. Miley, are two engineering professors teaching in Illinois. Though it looks like Sampson has since retired from teaching and now writes books on the history of blacks in theater and movies. In 1971 they jointly obtained a patent for their own version of a “Gamma Electric Cell” they designed to convert gamma rays into electrical output.

Sampson was also employed once at a Naval Weapons station in California where he worked on developing binders for rocket propellant. It is alleged that he also holds patents that grew out of this research.

Henry T. Sampson, a Mulatto, may be among the most successful engineers to have African ancestry. However, that is not what the Afro-mythologists are calling him. Last year actually received an e-mail from a parent whose child was asked to write a report on Sampson, because “he invented the cell phone.”

Afro-Mythologists saw the words “gamma,” and “cell” and said “hot dog” a black man invented the cell phone. Now the media and the public schools are propagandizing this false and easily disprovable hoax.

It is also noteworthy, that absolutely none of the Afro-mythologists mention that the patent in question was jointly obtained with a white scientist! Nor do they mention that the first patent for a device that converts gamma rays into electricity was obtained by white scientist Bernard Gross in 1964.

What does converting gamma rays into electricity have to do with cell phones? Absolutely nothing!

Who really invented the cell phone? Martin Cooper, pictured at right is considered to be the father of the cell phone.

In 1973 Cooper took out a patent for his new invention the “radio telephone system.” When Cooper first walked onto the streets of New York with it, people were stunned. Cooper remains a leader in communications innovation to this day.

So what have we learned?

Henry T. Sampson was not the first to convert gamma rays to electricity. A white scientist did it first seven years earlier.

Sampson only co-created a similar device with a white scientist.

That device had nothing to do with cellular phone technology and has no bearing whatsoever on the history of the cell phone.