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Black history myth of the day. Cleopatra.

The basis for the claim that Cleopatra was black, according to black power websites, is because Egypt is located in the continent of Africa. The Chicago church that Barack Obama belongs to teaches that Cleopatra was black. Even “mainstream” black publications pander to this “black power” absurdity.

Members of the Negro race are indigenous to sub-Saharan African. They did not live in northern Africa in large numbers until the Muslim conquest of that territory and the start of the Muslim slave trade. Muslim Arabs transported vast numbers of Negro slaves out of Sub-Saharan Africa from the 8th century to the early 19th century. Before the abolition of slavery in Saudi Arabia in 1956, about 20% of the population were Negro slaves. Arabs also enslaved large numbers of whites Europeans.

The ancient Egyptians are classified by anthropologists as “North African Caucasoid.” However, Cleopatra was not even Egyptian. An aristocracy of Macedonian Greeks ruled Egypt at the time. Cleopatra’s ethnic background, as a Macedonian Greek, is well documented.

Contemporary depictions of Cleopatra, from the time she ruled Egypt, still exist today. In these ancient Roman busts we can see exactly what Cleopatra looked like. In the extreme black power movement, it is claimed that statues of Cleopatra are part of a conspiracy by the white man.