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CofCC website sets new traffic record. Over 196k in one day.

This website set another all time traffic record yesterday. We had over 196,000 unique visitors. This is verified by our own software and Google Analytics.

We expect to set a new all time high Alexa score within the coming weeks. After the Zimmerman trial our US Alexa score went all the way down to about 5,500. This put us on par with websites for major daily papers and broadcast media affiliates in large markets.

The Alexa score is a running three month average that ranks every website in the world against each other. A score of 5,500 means that Alexa estimated that this website was the 5,500th most popular website in the USA over a three month period.

This website continues to reach a wider and wider audience. Unfortunately, this causes growing pains. During the Zimmerman trial we upgraded to a much more powerful server. Our second server upgrade in two years. On February 5th we received over 170k visitors. Unfortunately, by the afternoon of February 6th the traffic load had made our website crash so many times that our database was corrupted and we lost over six months worth of data. The data loss has not stopped traffic. We have added to our existing server. It can now handle the load without crashing, however you may find the website running slower when traffic is this extreme.

This website has gained a reputation for being the leader in exposing the media coverup of black on white crime. In fact the growing success and mainstream acceptance of this website has inspired many other large conservative websites to also start exposing black on white crime.