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CofCC website shatters all records

On February 6th, 2014 the website had over 170,000 unique human visitors. This is verifiable with our own software and with Google analytic, a third party monitoring site. This is over double our previous record of 84,000 from last July.

By about 1:30 PM today we had nearly 100,000 more. Part of the reason for the increased traffic was the renewed media glorification of Trayvon Martin.

Unfortunately this is good news and bad news.

We have upgraded our server twice in the past two years, but it was ill prepared for this. Server crashed caused large chunks of our database to be completely corrupted. All posts after July 22nd, 2013 have been permanently lost.

We have bulletproofed our server to prevent the same thing from happening again.

Since we have lost the most recent six and a half months of data, we need your help getting things going again. Please send us your news tips. We are also looking for original columns. Anyone can submit a column to this website.

The message is getting out. The content of this website is being viewed by tens of thousands of people per day.